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On the outside, entrepreneurship, and people in C- suites can look the same to some and very different from others. But what is undeniable about being a well-versed entrepreneur is the clear track of personal successes and failure through experience. Again, an entrepreneur’s success and failure can look the same, on paper, like their counterpart C- suites however, the effects of being an entrepreneur are dramatic compared to those in C-Suites.

In our previous article, we went over the fundamental steps of being an entrepreneur. There are 5 steps that can be followed by both entrepreneurs and C-Suite however, the outcome is where the difference is apparent.

If you succeed as an entrepreneur you get to keep your company, find another client, pay your bills that have accumulated both for your business and personally. You might even be able to go on vacation next year if your client/project goes according to plan. However, we all know that if you don’t get to eat (be successful) if not you have to start from scratch. Even if you do succeed you can ‘find a new meal’ if you’re still ‘hungry’.

If you succeed as a C-Suite you receive a paycheck while working to pay for your living expenses, you have expenses paid through corporations to meet with clients and travel, you receive health insurance if you get this client/project to the promised land you may also get a bonus or possibly a raise. If it doesn’t work you have to start from scratch and start over however, the huge difference is you were ‘fed’ your ‘meal’. Both have worked extremely hard, no sleep countless hours but the geography and landscape are different. That is why entrepreneurs can serve well with being consultants to the C-Suite.  

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