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Fundamental Steps Of Being An ​”Entrepreneur”​: There are very strong differences between being an entrepreneur and being a corporate professional even if they do the same job. For an entrepreneur, there are 6 steps that are necessary before reaping any benefits or success. I call these ‘fundamental step of being an entrepreneur’. To be an entrepreneur you must have primal instincts. Entrepreneurs must find it (clients/projects), spy and hunt it (study your clients/projects)-knowing your client /project desires and needs beyond your own wants, Kill it (master the task)-be the expert in what you’re providing, clean it (refine it)-this is you really investing and continue to seek innovative opportunities and knowledge, Cook it (Do it)-executing becomes actionable. This is a fundamental procedure to achieve success. Finally, you can eat it (Be successful)-see the fruits of your labor. Entrepreneurship for me is being a student of life. Your learning is constant. When you stop educating yourself you can’t grow. Remember education comes in many different ways.


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